ARI-R&D Application Questions:

Applicant Information

Organization Name: Provide the name of the organization (producer association, commodity group, academic institute, company, etc.) applying for ARI project funding.

Address: Provide the mailing address of the organization applying for ARI project funding.



Postal Code:

Telephone: Provide the telephone number of the organization applying for ARI project funding.

Project Contact: The Project Contact is the person who has signing authority for the organization and will sign this application form. Provide the name of the Project Contact.

Title: Provide the title of the Project Contact.

Contact Address: Provide the mailing address of the Project Contact.

  • Project Contact Same Address as above?
  • If no, provide the Project Contact Address.

Contact City:

Contact Province:

Contact Postal Code:

Contact Email Address: Provide the e-mail address of the Project Contact.

Contact Telephone: Provide the telephone number of the Project Contact.

Contact Facsimile: Provide the facsimile number of the Project Contact.

Project Manager: Provide the name of the Project Manager - the person who will be managing the activities of the project. The Project Manager may be the Project Contact, another employee of your organization, or a Contractor hired by the organization.

Project Manager Telephone: Provide the telephone number of the Project Manager.

Project Information

Project Title: Provide a short title by which your project would be known. The Project Title will be used, along with the Project Number (assigned by ARI), for project tracking and reporting, and related ARI programming requirements.

Identify and describe the risk/peril(s) that your research project intends to address with this project: Provide an overview of the type (disease, liability, contamination, etc.) of risk(s) or peril(s) that this project intends to address. Provide information on the frequency of occurrence, the likely caused and the impacts (financial, reputation, trade, etc.) of the identified risk/peril(s).

Is there coverage that is currently available for the risk/peril(s) identified above?

  • If yes, explain why your process or the target industry sector (for the new tool) is looking for alternative coverage:
  • Describe the type(s) of coverage (industry compensation fund, private insurance, government program, etc.) that is currently available to producers in your organization or the target industry sector (e.g., cattle, fruits, crops, etc).
  • Describe what percentage of your organization or the target sector's producers use it.
  • Describe the significant limitations of this coverage (not available to all producers/locations, too expensive, too many exclusions, limited coverage, etc.), or other reasons for producer dissatisfaction with available coverage.

Describe the data your project tool will collect to analyze the risk/peril(s) identified above and the source of that data: Provide a summary of the following for each of the risk/peril(s):

  • type of data;
  • number of years of data;
  • number of occurrences;
  • location of occurrences;
  • sampling/testing/reporting results methodology; and
  • data collection and storage practices.

What do you expect this project to achieve with respect to the risk/peril(s) identified above?

  • Describe the anticipated results of this project for your organization or target sector(s) and producer-members.
  • How will these results be an improvement on the currently available coverage?
  • How will the project improve the risk management planning and decision-making of the members of your organization?

Identify other stakeholder groups who may benefit from the results of this project and how:

Describe how the benefits of this project (products, processes, contacts, expertise, etc.) will be transferrable beyond your organization, to related national or regional producer organizations and other stakeholders?

Describe the benefits to Canadian society (the public good) that will result from this project: For example, how will your project, or its results, contribute to consumer confidence in Canada's food system and a more viable agricultural sector?

Describe your organization's capacity to undertake this project: Describe your organization's experience with previous projects.

  • Describe your organization's staff capabilities, knowledge of the industry and contacts that would demonstrate the capacity to undertake a project.
  • Include a brief overview of your organization's structure, main activities and recent accomplishments.

Project Funding

Have you, or will you, apply for other funding for this project?

Has, or will your project apply for project funding from any other source - public (federal/provincial/territorial/municipal) or private (agricultural, financial, etc.) sector?

  • If yes, describe the source and amount:

Provide the following information:

  1. Name of funding organization or program;
  2. Amount requested;
  3. Amount approved, and
  4. Amount expended.

Please provide any other information that would help assess the project:

Select your preferred language of correspondence: English / French

In order to prevent spam, the applicant will be asked to answer a simple math problem.


I/we agree and understand that the information contained in this application is being collected for the purpose of assessing and reviewing my organization's eligibility for ARI project funding and that such information will be disclosed only to the extent necessary for application assessment and review purposes, including verification of the information submitted as well as program review and statistical purposes.

I/we understand that, if this project is approved for funding, I/we will be required to enter into an agreement with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada outlining the terms and conditions of the ARI-R&D project funding.

Financial, commercial, scientific or technical information provided in this application form will be treated in accordance with the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

This form will be used to determine the eligibility of your project for potential ARI funding. A final decision to fund this project will be based on a completed and approved detailed project work plan and the availability of ARI funds.

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