Loan Registration Process for Lenders

Please refer to the Lenders’ Guidelines for requirements in administering Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) loans.

There are two ways to register loans under the CALA Program.

Register loans online

The CALA Online Loan Registration System simplifies the loan registration process for lenders and the government. Some functionalities of the system include:

  • creating CALA loan registrations
  • viewing CALA loan registrations
  • modifying CALA loan registrations
  • withdrawing CALA loan registrations
  • deregistering CALA loan registrations
  • viewing a CALA claim’s status
  • paying fees electronically

Upon launching the CALA Online Loan Registration System you will initially log in through the Industry Canada website, but will then be taken into the online registration system.

Sign in to the CALA Online Loan Registration System

If you are not currently using the CALA Online Loan Registration System and you would like information on how to participate or if you need help with the system, please contact the CALA program.

Register loans by mail

To register loans by mail, please use the following registration form:

Loan Registration and Fee Submission (Schedule 1)

You may also need to submit the following forms in the event of changes to the loan:

Request for Revision of Loan Terms (Schedule 2)

Report on Defaulted Loan (Schedule 3)

Report of Claim for Loss (Schedule 4)

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