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The Drought Watch web site provides timely information on weather and climate relevant to the agricultural sector in Canada. The impacts of weather and climatic variability and extreme events such as droughts and floods can be very significant and are valuable information for agricultural production and planning. This site allows users to view current and historic weather and climate conditions, to see how current conditions differ from normal, to see where and how weather and climate conditions and events are impacting the sector, to view short-term forecasting products, and to learn about ways to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of weather and climate on agricultural operations.

Annual Review of Agroclimate Conditions Across Canada

The 2015 Review of Agroclimate Conditions Across Canada summarizes the variable weather conditions and agroclimate impacts over the course of the growing season up to the end of December 2015. It also provides a short term forecast from February to April, 2016.

To review a summary of the previous year, see the 2014 Review of Agroclimate Conditions Across Canada.

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For more information on Drought Watch, please email us at droughtwatch@agr.gc.ca, or by phone at:

Trevor Hadwen
Agroclimate Specialist
Telephone: 306-523-6796

Patrick Cherneski
Manager - Climate Monitoring and Forecasting
Telephone: 306-523-6791

For media enquiries, please contact Media Relations.

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