Floriculture Implementation Projects

Project CodeProject Title
BPR14-070 Screening of biopesticides and risk-reduced products for the management of powdery mildew in cut gerbera
PRR13-050 Dissemination of information on biological control of whitefly to poinsettia growers through educational videos
BPR12-070 Evaluation of SuffOil-X (paraffinic oil) for the management of thrips in greenhouse ornamentals
PRR11-020 Dissemination of information on IPM techniques in greenhouse floriculture through workshops
PRR11-040 Review of status of management issues surrounding propagative pests in Canadian greenhouse floriculture industry 
BPR11-060 Evaluation of Met 52 for management of thrips on greenhouse ornamentals
PRR10-230 Development of an Integrated Pest Management/Biocontrol Internet Portal for Greenhouse Grower Educational Purposes
PRR09-060 Pesticide risk reduction strategy development for floriculture in Canada
BPI06-010 Efficacy trials to demonstrate the performance of Facin™ on ornamentals in greenhouses
BPI06-120 Essential oils formulations for the control of mites, insects, and diseases on greenhouse ornamental and vegetable crops
MUR06-090 Use of trap plants as a risk reduction control option for thrips on greenhouses ornamentals
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