Community Pasture Program

The Community Pasture Program is a land-management service provided in the Prairie provinces. It was created in the 1930s to reclaim land that was badly eroded during the Prairie drought.

Today, the Program has achieved its original goal, having returned more than 145,000 hectares of poor-quality cultivated lands to grass cover, significantly improving the ecological value of these lands and helping to increase the productivity of the area. As a result, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) is transferring the control and administration of these pastures. Learn more about the transfer.


The two major objectives of the Community Pasture Program are:

  • Objective I: Manage a productive, bio-diverse rangeland and promote environmentally responsible land use practice;
  • Objective II: To utilize the resource to complement livestock production.

Program Delivery

The mandate for the Community Pasture Program is to conserve the land resource, protect it from future deterioration due to drought while utilizing the land primarily for the grazing and breeding of livestock. The program uses cattle grazing as the primary tool, supported by the latest range management science, to maintain a healthy, diverse landscape, which is representative of the natural functional prairie ecosystems.

The Community Pasture Program is designed to help producers strengthen their operations by providing pastures and a breeding service. Allocation of grazing space is based on a number of factors, the most important being an assessment of need. The formula used to allot grazing space is designed to benefit small producers by allocating grazing privileges in inverse proportion to land owned, leased or rented by clients. Approximately 2,500 producers use the pastures each summer, grazing about 220,000 head of livestock and utilizing over 3,000 bulls in the pasture breeding program. Fees are charged for all services provided on the pastures.

Contact Information

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