Broccoli and Cabbage Implementation Projects


Project CodeProject Title
PRR15-020 Species survey and testing of resistance to chlorpyrifos in Delia species in brassica vegetable growing areas in Canada
PRR14-010 Evaluating row covers for early season management of cabbage maggot in brassica vegetable crops
PRR10-220 Row covers as physical barriers in brassica vegetable crops to control cabbage maggot
PRR10-170 Physical barriers applied to soil surface in the field and in the greenhouse to prevent oviposition by cabbage maggot
PRR09-050 Development and demonstration of a multi-tactical IPM toolbox for cabbage maggot in Brassica crops
BPI08-010 Biological control of soil insect pests in field crops 
SCR08-030 Evaluation of pest control products including biofungicides for control of clubroot on Canola and Cruciferous Vegetables
PRR06-690 Cabbage maggot management and research around the world: a status report and development for IPM strategies for Canada
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