Apple Implementation Projects

Project Code Project Title
BPR15-020 Development of integrated insect pest management program for fruit orchards incorporating the bioinsecticide Quassia
PRR11-060 National survey to document the extent of apple scab resistance to systemic fungicides, including sterol inhibitors and strobilurins, in apple orchards
PRR10-050 Incorporation of GF-120 Naturalyte Fruit Fly Bait into orchard integrated pest management (IPM) for apple maggot
PRR10-060 Management of the European Apple Sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea) using a parasitic wasp (Lathrolestes ensator)
BPI09-060 Evaluation of biopesticides for apple scab management in Canada
PRR09-020 Facilitating the adoption of reduced risk approaches to pest management in apples in Ontario
PRR09-030 Facilitating the adoption of reduced risk approaches to pest management in apples in Nova Scotia
SCR08-010 Management Program for Clearwing Borers on Pome Fruits
BPI07-100 Evaluation of the efficacy of GF-120 to potentially replace organophosphate insecticides for control of apple maggots in organic and conventional orchards
BPI07-120 Evaluation of the efficacy of plant-based essential oil blends for the control of leafrollers on apples
BPI07-230 Trials to optimize the use of biological products BlightBan C9-1 and Bloomtime for suppression of fire blight in Canadian orchards
PRR07-300 Raising awareness to pesticide risk reduction on the farm for the benefit of health and the environment; and report
PRR07-340 Development of a Strategy to Implement Use of the Bacterial Antagonists, Blightban C9-1 and Bloomtime, in the Management of Fire Blight in Apples
SCR07-020 Screening of novel materials for the control of fire blight in Canadian orchards
BPI06-030 Implementation of a new biofungicide to reduce apple scab inoculum, opening the way to the use of newly developed tools
BPI06-330 Reduction of the dependence on organophosphorus pesticides to control insect pests of apple in the post-bloom stage
PRR06-910 Development of a fungicide spray action threshold to help reduce Captan residue levels on fruits
PRR06-920 Field validation of a novel tool to help growers manage the practical consequences of the development of resistance to apple scab fungicides
MU03-PATHO1 Effect of biological control fungicide agent (Pseudomonas syringae) and a chemical fungicide SCALA (pyrimthanil) on postharvest blue and gray mold of apple
MU03-PATHO2 Control of Fire Blight in the Orchard and Development of Bacteriophages as Biological Control Agents
PRR03-260 Development of a robust, multiple-species pheromone-based control strategy to support organic apple and pear production systems
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