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Agri-info Terms and Your Privacy

Stay up-to-date on Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's ("AAFC") programs and services by receiving emails that are based on Your area of interest related to agriculture and the agri-food sector in Canada. Sign-up with us and AAFC's emails will be sent to "You", the subscriber, by our service provider, Constant Contact, Inc. ("Constant Contact").There are a few things that we need to tell You and that You need to understand before You fill out the form and click on the "Subscribe" button.

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To subscribe, You need to fill out the Subscription Information form above, which You will find above these terms. Telling us what topics interest You and where you live ensures that our emails are relevant to You. You also need to give us Your email address, so that You can receive the newsletters and alerts. Here's what You need to know about AAFC's privacy practices. AAFC is subject to the Privacy Act and collects Your personal information under the authority of the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Act and as described in Personal Information Bank AAFC PSU 914 (Public Communications). Contact us at if You have any questions about AAFC's privacy practices.

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You can "Unsubscribe" at any time by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of every email You receive. When You unsubscribe, You will no longer receive any emails, subject to Constant Contact's Use. If at any time You change Your mind, just fill out the form again.

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