Tracking Changes

To Do / Done / Need Input / Cannot Do

April 04th, 2008
45. Bilingualize URL-s.
44. Make sure that form fields do not exceed max length.
43. Make short-name of subscription service unique.
42. Make sure http:// is present in url addresses, prepend by app if not supplied by user.
41. Make additional text changes (as per Val's email)
March 31st, 2008
40. ListServ request email, show Archive as Yes/No and Distribution as a name (not id).
39. Add new page, Request ListServ Metrics (Val to send in more info).
38. Fix the size of Editors/Owners box to max the width of the content area.
37. Admin page, set Enable for ESS to Disable by default when adding a new service.
36. Upon "save"/"delete" of service/header and "submit" of the ListServ request switch back to the home screen, showing the success message there, rather than staying on the edit screen.
35. Bug fix: Error messages show always in English.
March 27th, 2008
34. Add a "Are you sure?" prompt when deleting a service or a header.
33. Subsites field, add empty selection (null selection).
32. Subsites field is not mandatory (anywhere it appears).
31. Provide meaningful error message when attempting to delete a header that's still associated with existing subscription services.
30. Admin home page, rename Type label to Header.
29. If time permits, add maintenance pages for Subsites and Distributions.
28. Headers page, rename "Delete Header" button to "Delete". (do similar for Admin page "Delete Service).
27. Headers page, rename "Save Header" button to "Save". (do similar for Admin page "Save Service").
26. Headers page, remove Enable/Disable field.
25. Headers page, rename "Select" button to "Modify".
24. Super user home page, replace the link "Subscription Headers" with the button.
23. Super user home page, rename "Service Headers" link with "Subscription Headers".
22. Super user home page, put "Request New ListServ" button below the selection box.
21. Super user home page, rename "Select" button to "Modify"
20. Super user home page, rename "New ListServ" button to "Request New ListServ"
19. Super user home page, rename "Delete ListServ" button to "Request ListServ Deletion"
18. Rename "Go Back" button to "Cancel" on all pages.
17. New/Delete ListServ request, rename submit button to "Submit".
16. Delete ListServ request, rename title to "Request a ListServ Deletion".
15. New ListServ request, rename title to "Request a New ListServ".
14. New ListServ request, put Delete button underneath the editors/owners list box.
13. New ListServ request, rename "Del" button to "Delete".
12. New ListServ request, put FName/LName/Email boxes at the top of the editors/owners list box.
11 New ListServ request, add a flag field Anchor (Yes/No).
10. New ListServ request, after adding the editor/owner try scrolling the page to the respective anchor.
09. New ListServ request, after adding the editor/owner clear respective FName/LName/Email fields.
08. New ListServ request, provide example text for Short Name. (where to place it?)
07. New ListServ request take out the Preferred Name field (it is the same as Short Name).
06. New ListServ request non-mandatory fields are: Desc, URL, and Notes.
05. Move the red asterisk (required field symbol) to the right side of the field label (everywhere).
04. Subscription URL fields are not mandatory (anywhere they appear).
03. Super user page, add all subscription service fields to super-user screen having admin-only fields as read-only.
02. Admin page, when adding new service default Enabled For Super to "Disable".
01. Subscription page, if URL is not available then display the name, dist, and descr (if available).